Let’s open your holiday home’s pantry to seduce you with Mont-roig Miami’s best flavours and aromas

Since time immemorial, the Camp de Tarragona plains have been a fertile land where man has been able to get the best results. Currently, this ancestral agriculture offers us typical Mediterranean products such as olive oil, calçot and carob powder. The climate, of gentle temperatures and marked by mistral, and the soil, rich in nutrients, are key to giving us products recognised for their high quality.


Olive oil is an excellent Mediterranean product, which is also true of Mont-roig del Camp. Extra virgin olive oil is made with “arbequina” olives collected manually and directly from the fields of the municipality. It is natural oil, obtained in the first mechanical pressing, which does not modify its composition and, therefore, this oil is of extraordinary quality due to its low acidity, good taste and magnificent flavours. This oil is produced under the regulations of the Siurana Protected Designation of Origin.

Want to know where to buy olive oil in Mont-roig?

List of local producers


The carob, the carob tree fruit, is used primarily as “powder”, made from its toasted pulp. For its sweet taste, it is particularly suited to pastry and as a substitute for cocoa powder or chocolate, and it is also helpful in savoury dishes.

The carob flour is a food product with numerous properties and benefits for our health. It is low in fats and calories. It contains natural sugars. It does not contain stimulants. It is a source of proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, pectin and vitamins. It is rich in fibre, laxative, bactericidal and protects the intestinal mucosa. It is antioxidant and reduces cholesterol. Carob powder also offers opportunities for celiac nutrition since it does not contain gluten.

“Mont-rogetes” are typical local cookies, elaborated with an indigenous and distinctive ingredient: the carob powder. You can buy them at the following establishments in Mont-roig: Forn Juncosa, Agrobotiga de Mont-roig and Mas Miró.

The characteristic carob flavour, along with the rest of the ingredients, make these cookies a unique, sweet and healthy product at the same time.

El Calçot

Mont-roig del Camp is one of the main municipalities producing calçots in Catalonia. It is not strange if we consider that the sedimentary soil is ideal for this crop and that the mistral, our epitomic wind, plays a very important role in its quality. At the moment, there are a dozen of calçots producers. These calçots are distributed throughout the country and play the main role in the Calçot Foodie Days, which are celebrated every year in the town with the aim to spotlight this vegetable. During the Days Mont-roig del Camp and Miami Platja restaurants cook special menus with calçot as featured ingredient. It is a good chance to lear about the best calçot flavours and its applications in cookery.
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