Come to your holiday home’s great Mediterranean garden, between the sea and the mountains, you will not have time to get bored!

Let the sea and pine tree smells perfume your holiday. Allow the traditional cuisine to treat you to some new flavours and aromas. The rich heritage will tell you new stories and legends. Let sport in the lap of nature and offer you new challenges. Or maybe Joan Miró’s art will make you daydream. They are just some of Mont-roig Miami’s most intimate Mediterranean essences you have to live!


We suggest discovering Mont-roig Miami from the sea to the inland in one day. Start the morning playing with the sea, sailing in a kayak along our coast, pick up some forces while having vermouth and a meal at one of the restaurants located on the seafront. In the afternoon, we suggest exploring our history through a visit to the old town or a small excursion on foot from the village to Costa Daurada’s most unique hermitage, that of Mare de Déu de la Roca.


Here are some of the proposals to discover Mont-roig Miami on a weekend. Begin mornings by doing sports, starting golf, hiking to the monumental dry stone huts or listening to the beating of the sea with while paddle surfing. You can stop by to have some refreshments in Mont-roig del Camp or Miami Platja restaurants, and in the afternoon, go for healthy life by walking through the old town of Mont-roig del Camp, visiting the hermitage of La Roca or on a lush hike through the La Mina de les Nines ravine.


Mont-roig del Camp’s inland hides landscapes that are nothing more than exquisite treasures of nature. Among the most unknown natural spaces there is the Mina de les Nines ravine, which crosses the fertile plain in a twisted and lush way and gives us clues about the use of water in the past. Muntanya Blanca (white mountain), in the Llaberia mountain range, is a glorious viewpoint of Costa Daurada and an open book on the geological processes in the south of the Camp de Tarragona. The L’Areny rock forms a mirrored, fantasy landscape, where the red rock shows a thousand and one shapes, some of which inspired such universal geniuses as Joan Miró.


In Mont-roig Miami we are very bicycle friendly. The town’s geographic characteristics of, within a large plain propped up by small low mountain elevations, make it ideal for mountain biking. That is why we have devised up to 10 itineraries of different difficulty levels that total almost 140 km and that pass through the paths of our municipal district. All this has the support of Costa Daurada’s only mountain bike centre. It is a point of reception for visitors that offers bicycle rental service for adults and children, children’s seats, bicycle washing, showers and general tourist information. It is a free access space designed for mountain bikers. We encourage you to choose your itinerary and enjoy Mediterranean landscapes.


Attention, a boat in sight! Let’s travel to the time when pirates and corsairs frequented the coast of Mont-roig Miami. In the past, Miramar or Guardamar, the old seaside town located in the current Miami Platja, had a port that served to ship goods from the interior of the Iberian Peninsula to Barcelona. All in all, it was very luring for pirates and corsairs who from time to time not only intercepted the goods but also sacked the seaside and inland villages. Often they hid their loots in the countless safe coves of Miami Platja. We encourage you to find one of these loots.


The coast of Mont-roig Miami is immense, hides small pristine spots and beautiful landscapes. These are ideal coastal areas to connect with nature when you go to the beach. You will find more than 12 km of beaches and coves, many of them pristine or semi-pristine, especially in the north. Here, the low presence of the man has allowed preserving coastal spaces of a great natural and scenic interest. Among all these environments, it is worth mentioning the L’Estany Gelat beach, a small biodiversity lagoon, or the Riudecanyes estuary beach, which forms a small wetland. All this conglomerate of pristine or semi-pristine beaches and coves forms the most natural and wild of Costa Daurada.
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