5 Must-see places

You should explore Mont-roig Miami calmly delving in its Mediterranean essence

Imagine a small Mediterranean world with countless coves and beaches of fine golden sand, with red hermitages that look at it defying gravity, with a medieval village that used to fear the pirates, with an ideal green paradise for golf and nature lovers and with seafood and continental gastronomy. This small Mediterranean world, this great Mediterranean garden, is the place where Joan Miró also chose to spend the summer and got inspired. Welcome to Mont-roig Miami, your holiday home on Costa Daurada.


If you have not found your favourite beach or cove yet, surely you will find it in Mont-roig Miami. Our coast, bathed by the turquoise Mediterranean, is 12 km long, drawing the most natural and wild Costa Daurada. It is formed by small coves between cliffs or immense beaches, some of them pristine; others are urban, blue-flagged, dog-friendly, pebbly… All of them are shallow, full of lovely fine golden sand and never crowded, ideal for the swimming with kids. Are you ready to cool off in your holiday home’s large pool?


If you look up from anywhere in Mont-roig Miami you will observe the attentive gaze of the Mare de Déu de la Roca hermitage and that of Sant Ramon de Penyafort, both seated on the Muntanya Roja (red mountain), which gives name in the town of Mont-roig del Camp. It is a place to dream, to get carried away by imagination, to be inspired like Joan Miró did in the painting “Mont-roig, Sant Ramon”. The fantasy forms that sculpt the mountain, the panoramic views of Camp de Tarragona and the hermitages poised on the rock, still today a point of reference for sailors, all of them make this iconic place and a Costa Daurada must-visit. At the moment the hermitage offers lodging and catering service.


Inland, at the foot of the Llaberia mountains, a medieval village was built enclosed by walls and crowned by a castle. The town of Mont-roig del Camp was a dispute between bishops and kings for their incomes and hosted a Jewish quarter. Today we invite you to travel to our origins, taking a stroll through the old town; you will find two of the four gateways to the town; the Avall gate, the main gateway to the enclosed village, and the La Canal gate, accompanied by a 16-metre tower. The Old Church is also noteworthy; it had defensive functions, as evidenced by its bell tower. Other highlights include the old prison, located in an old defence tower, and the remains of the wall in the Les Hortes area. In the summer and for Easter, there are several must-do guided tours!


One of the best ways to enjoy our large seaside garden is by practicing golf. The perfect symbiosis between sport and nature and the excellence of the Bonmont Golf Course’s facilities and services place it among the best in the European continent. A great complex dedicated to this sport and designed by the world-wide expert Robert Trent Jones Jr with the aim of integrating itself with the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. The field is a must-do for golf lovers worldwide and is ideal for those who want to take up golf in a place of great landscape beauty. It is open all year round and has a restaurant service, golf school, gym, equipment rental and other sports facilities.


A universal genius such as Joan Miró also chose Mont-roig Miami as his holiday home, but he went much further, he also chose it to find inspiration, and found it all. He himself affirmed “all my work is conceived in Mont-roig”.

At La Masia, family residence, the genius began his journey into painting, later becoming one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Joan Miró’s work can’t be understood without seeing Mas Miró, the origin of everything, and without following the “Miró’s Emotional Landscape” itinerary, which includes Mont-roig’s scenery that inspired the genius and that ended up turning into renowned works of art, they are “La Masia”, “The Beach”, “The Village and Church of Mont-roig”, “Mont-roig, the Village”, “Mont-roig, Sant Ramon”. If you want a great holiday, do not miss the Joan Miró’s Mont-roig!

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