We invite you to take a trip through history to discover Mont-roig del Camp’s medieval roots

The municipal district of Mont-roig del Camp spans between the sea and the mountain, in an extensive alluvial plain and formerly populated in several locations. You should imagine the town of Mont-roig walled and dominated by a castle, accompanied by now depopulated La Pobla d’en Taudell, and the coast was protected by Miramar, or Guardamar, and its watchtower. Today we suggest you immerse yourself in Mont Roig’s medieval essence of at the Miami Platja Dungeon, formerly Miramar, and through a guided walk or tour of the old town, where you’ll see the Old Church and the New Church, the gates, the old wall, the prison or the wash houses. In the summer and for Easter, there are several must-do guided tours!


Where the medieval castle of Mont-roig del Camp used to stand, the Sant Miquel church has been built. The church was born due to the will to replace the Old Church and its construction has been almost eternal. It was designed in 1780, the works became paralyzed in 1835 and the first mass was not celebrated until 1946. So long waiting was not to be left in vain, today, due to its size, it is popularly known as the Baix Camp cathedral. In spite of this it is still unfinished and it is the neighbouring Old Church that strikes the hours from its historical bell tower.

Pl. de Mossèn Gaietà Ivern


The history of the Old Church has not been easy; it has undergone various modifications over time, as well as looting and war damages, which forced the construction of the New Church of Sant Miquel. Today we can admire a beautiful Renaissance building that took advantage of the old defence tower that guarded the Avall gate to erect its bell tower. It emphasizes its double doorway of the purest classic style. Although no religious events are celebrated here, the bell tower has never stopped striking the hours, since the New Church’s bell tower remains unfinished.

C. Major


We can imagine medieval Mont-roig and its enclosed village through the remains of the wall and the two gates, that of Avall and that of La Canal. The first one, located in Plaça Joan Miró, was the main entrance to the town and was accompanied by a defence tower, transformed nowadays into the Old Church’s bell tower. If you walk to Les Hortes, behind the church, you can see more remains of the wall in La Murada Street. You will arrive to the La Canal gate; this is a double gateway accompanied by a tower. Finally, if you visit La Mare de Déu de la Roca Street, to the north, you can see the tower of the Torrells house, also known as the Moors’ tower.

Pl. Joan Miró


Just behind the New Church (Sant Miquel) and near the Mont-roig del Camp old castle’s site, you will find the remains of the old prison. It is integrated in De La Pica Street and stands out because of its voussoired door and a barred window.

C. de la Pica