This is a proposal to visit Mas Miró with your family in an independent manner. It is a digital game that is included in the audio guide that we provide at the entrance and that is used with the visitor's own smartphone. It does not have any additional cost, we offer it as a service included in the price of the ticket.

The game presents Mas Miró as a very special place for Joan Miró as the quietness of the countryside and the contact with nature allowed him to discover small treasures that he collected and used as inspiration for his works. Families are invited to visit the different spaces around the house to discover who Joan Miró was and what he did, by means of a quiz game and by collecting objects. These objects are kept in the inspiration box (like the one Miró had). At the end of the game, the participants are invited to build a sculpture with all the collected elements, like Miró did.

NOTE: This idea was originally intended to be done with physical materials that would be lent to the families. We have adapted it to a digital environment while the health emergency lasts.

Activity duration: 1 hour approximately

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