The first kilometers are easy but it gets complicated. Once you pass Pratdip it begins the ascent towards the hermitage of Santa Marina. Continue the climb to the village of Llaberia. The road is new, rough and black ... but the curves and scenery are fantastic. A town which has no exit. You must go back the way you came. We start the climb to the Coll de Fatxes. Once on the top, if we have not seen anyone, we won’t find anyone from there to Gavadà direction until you reach l’Almadrava.

Estimated length time: 3 h. 30 m.

Miami Platja › N-340 › Ctra. Urb. Sant Miquel › T-310 › Pratdip › T-311 › Llaberia › C-44 › Ctra. de Genesies i Gavadà › N-340a › N-340 › Via Augusta › Hospitalet de l’Infant › N-340 › Miami Platja

Track route 4