The first escape hall based on the work and life of the artist Joan Miró.

A playful and educational outdoor activity designed for all audiences to have fun in a group and delve into Miró's universe. With riddles and logical games, we can learn more about the artist's work and his life in the unique location of Mas Miró. Players will go on a dreamlike journey through Joan Miró's imaginary world. They will break with the real world vision to move on to a larger perspective, the surrealistic view. On this journey, you will see the painting of "La Masía" as a work that originates and combines a large number of elements that will be a constant presence throughout Miró's artistic life. Paintings such as "La Masía", carob, fire... are the key elements of this adventure. A different way of approaching Miró's values and concepts that he expressed in his work. Getting to know Miró's work better is to understand how important emotions are, to transcend reality and to think in a different manner.

The activity includes a self-guided visit to Mas Miró.

Further information and online booking here

Prices for groups:

- 2 people: 54 €

- 3 people: 72 €

- 4 people: 80 €

- 5 people: 85 €

- 6 people: 90 €

- 7 people: 105 €


  • Catalan, Spanish and English