The tapestry that is exhibited in one of the chapels of the Cultural Centre of l'Església Vella de Montroig, was a donation from Joan Miró's family to the village in 1993. The tapestry was made by his friend José Royo 1989 at the request of Joan Miró's family, inspired by some drawings made by the artist.


The tapestry shows the lizard with the golden feathers, painted using the primary colours that Joan Miró liked so much. Red is the colour that is the origin of the village's name, black is the opposite colour and is used to give balance, blue is Mont-roig’s sky, green is the colour of the carob trees and yellow is the colour of the tiny flowers.


We recommend a visit to the most emblematic areas of the town, where Joan Miró was inspired to paint some of his best works of Mont-roig del Camp, the Emotional Landscape of Joan Miró.


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